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No War But The Class War, Paris

We publish below a position paper by one of our sympathisers on the No War But The Class War committee meeting in Paris on 2 December. We welcome this contribution and generally support the political content of this text


The war in Ukraine is fuelling barbarism and chaos around the world

More than a year already of appalling carnage; hundreds of thousands of soldiers massacred on both sides; more than a year of indiscriminate bombings and executions, murdering tens of thousands of civilians; more than a year of systematic destruction turning the country into a gigantic field of ruins, while the displaced populations number in the millions; more than a year of huge budgets sunk into this butchery on both sides (Russia is now committing about 50% of its state budget to the war, while the hypothetical reconstruction of the ruined Ukraine would require more than 400 billion dollars). And this tragedy is far from over

The response of the working class to the acceleration of barbarism

War, pandemic, ecological disaster, economic chaos, famine: in the opening years of the 2020s, all these products of a decaying system have been intensifying and acting on each other, leaving little doubt that capitalism is spiralling towards destruction. But in opposition to the sense of doom and hopelessness pervading society, starting in June 2022 in GB, workers around the world have ignited the fire of international class struggle...

Strikes, demonstrations, 49.3: what next?

The ICC’s section in France has published this leaflet in response to the latest developments in the fight against the government’s pension “reforms”.

We are not the only ones fighting…there are workers struggles all over the world!

From Britain to France, Spain, Portugal and Holland and many other countries, workers’ struggles are multiplying, responding to the effects of inflation, the intensification of the war economy and frontal attacks by the bourgeoisie on living and working conditions.

What is the significance of these struggles? What is their potential? How is the ruling class dealing with them? How can the working class take the struggle forward?

Come and discuss all these questions at a public meeting organised by the ICC:

Saturday 1 April, 3-6pm

The name of the disaster is capitalism - only proletarian class solidarity can save us!

We publish here a statement by some comrades in Turkey on the earthquake which has hit Turkey and Syria. We salute the comrades’ rapid response to these awful events. As the statement shows, this “natural” disaster has been made far more deadly by the callous demands of capitalist profit and competition.  The particularly catastrophic effects of the recent earthquake also illustrates the accentuation of the bourgeoise’s contempt for the lives and suffering of the working class and the oppressed today in the period where  the capitalist mode of production is decomposing in every respect. In particular a large number of the victims are refugees who have tried to take shelter from the murderous imperialist war in Syria, and who were already living in dire conditions. The ongoing confrontation between warring capitalist factions in the region will also act as a political and material barrier to the already meagre rescue efforts.

Union control reinforces divisions

On February 1st around half a million workers from different sectors in Britain were on strike – rail and some bus networks, civil servants, and in particular workers in education, both schools and universities. This was the biggest number of workers out on one day since the strike wave in Britain began last summer.

The Chinese bourgeoisie in turmoil

Far from being the “big winner” in the Covid crisis, the weaknesses of the Chinese model of state capitalism are being laid bare.