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Critical balance sheet of the 2011 Indignados movement in Spain

Ten years on, what lessons can we draw from the Indignados movement? Understanding past struggles with a critical analysis, while looking to the future, is a source of strength and encouragement for the proletariat in a historical situation that is deteriorating over time at all levels: pandemic, economic crisis, barbaric wars, environmental destruction, moral collapse...

Capitalism is War - War on Capitalism!

A selection of articles, analyses, leaflets and statements on the unfolding inter-imperialist war following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Some impressions of the ICC meetings of the 5th and 6th of March 2022

We publish here two contributions from close sympathisers about the war in Ukraine. The first is an account of the two public meetings held in English in March; the second a statement of support for the ICC's response to the war. Our article on all the public meetings we have held so far can be found here.

Brief position statement on the war in Ukraine

I agree with the content of the ICC’s leaflet denouncing the war and with the articles ‘Ukraine: the worsening of military tensions in Eastern Europe’ and ‘The ruling class demands sacrifices on the altar of war’.

Confronted with war and economic crisis, the working class must not make any sacrifices

Unleashing the barbarism of war in Ukraine means that the whole world is threatened with its collateral "damage", in particular in the growth of poverty worldwide and through the mounting attacks on the living standards of the working class: increased exploitation, inflated prices and widespread unemployment.

Joint statement of groups of the international communist left about the war in Ukraine

The organisations of the communist left must mount a united defence of their common heritage of adherence to the principles of proletarian internationalism, especially at a time of great danger for the world's working class. The return of imperialist carnage to Europe in the war in Ukraine is such a time. That's why we publish below, with other signatories from the communist left tradition (and a group with a different trajectory fully supporting the statement), a common statement on the fundamental perspectives for the working class in the face of imperialist war.

An internationalist statement from inside Russia

We are publishing a statement on the war in Ukraine by the KRAS, an anarcho-syndicalist group linked to the International Workers’ Association. We know that, in Russia, any protest at all against the war is being met with ferocious repression by the Russian state, so we salute the courage and conviction of the KRAS comrades in publishing this statement, which is clearly internationalist, denouncing both camps as imperialist and calling for working class struggle against the war.

Understanding militarism and decomposition

We draw reader's attention to our 1990 orientation text on militarism and decomposition, which in our view remains an indispensable guide to understanding the increasingly irrational and chaotic nature of imperialist wars today.